• Being Commissioner requires someone already tested and proven, who can hold the Chief Constable and the organisation to account: able to shape the present and future.

    As Chairman of Staffordshire Police Authority from 2001-2009 I met that requirement and led the Authority in:

    • selecting 3 successful Chief Constables and overseeing their work. (John Giffard, David Swift, Chris Sims)
    • developing the policing plan for Staffordshire and Stoke on Trent with the Chief Constable.
    • scoping,setting and monitoring the management of the Authority’s budget and setting the police Council Tax each year.

    In 2001 Local and National Media denounced Staffordshire Police as among the worst in the Country.  I promised publicly that it would swiftly become “Best in Country”.  This  was achieved by 2005-06 to public acclaim.  Credit for this goes to the superb professionalism of the Chief Constables, the Executive Team, Force Members and the sustaining support of Police Authority Members.  We increased the budget, provided more Police Officers and PCSOs on the Beat, launched Neighbourhood Policing and made our relationship with the public and their satisfaction the focus of our attention.

    These achievements are now threatened by Coalition cuts and the drive towards Privatisation.

    With your support I pledge to resist such attacks, and to seek effective ways to restore recruitment of Officers, keeping Communities safe.

    Challenge Government Policies on November 15  th  _  Election Day for Police and Crime Commissioners, across England and Wales.    Every Voter and Labour  Member can turn it into a  protest against the Government and rehearse for County Council and Parliamentary Elections!


    Vote for Michael Poulter as your Candidate for Police and Crime Commissioner